Phone Cover Hunt – The ‘Hey Casey’ Treasure Chest

Hey Casey

The Schmoo recently got a new cellphone, and like any teenager, her first priority was to pimp her device. So began the hunt for the coolest cellphone cover that she could find. No store went unvisited, no internet-found cover unscrutinised. And then… Bingo! We stumbled upon an absolute gem of a brand and we have been smiling ever since!

How cute are these covers?

Hey Casey is a South African brand who have been around since 2016 and offer a wide variety of cellphone cases, skins and accessories – you can even order a personalised design using your own image or text, how cool is that? After stumbling across their website we knew that our search was over as we were truly spoilt for choice! Even The Schmoo, in all her fussy teenage-ness, had no idea which cover she liked the best because they were all so gorgeous and she had a really tough time trying to settle on one! She eventually decided on a bohemian-inspired, floral beauty which we promptly ordered for her – hooray! The search was over!

The Husdabind and I were absolutely blown away when, practically before we had even pressed ‘pay’ on the screen, we received a package from Hey Casey – the cover had arrived! Seriously, it took 2 working days, ridiculously impressive service!

The cherry on the top was the handwritten note that accompanies the delivery

Our warm-fuzzy feelings went into hyperdrive when we opened the packaging to discover a cute hand-written note to The Husdabind telling him how awesome he is and thanking him for supporting their business- what a, personalised stunning touch!

Because The Schmoo’s birthday was only a few weeks away we decided to stash the cover away and include it as a Birthday gift and fend off the excited nagging by reminding her about the 6 long months that it had taken her previous web-ordered cover to arrive from China some years ago- thank you, slow postal service, you were a great scape-goat!

How pretty is this cover?

Needless to say, the wait was worth it! We had a very happy Birthday Girl, and for good reason, her phone looks and feels great! The cover is not only stunning, but it’s lightweight and slim-fitting (ain’t nobody got time for bulk!) on the handset and we cannot fault the quality of the product or the extremely reasonable pricing.

Whether you’re in the market for a new phone accessory or not, do yourself a favour and head on over to Hey Casey’s website or Facebook page, and show them a bit of love – you will be delighted with what you’ll find! In fact, I’m heading over there right now myself to give my phone a make-over of its own, and perhaps get a cute new mousepad too!

What would you write in the middle to customise it?

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