The Trouble With Daisy

Ok world, we may have done something a little bit dumb and we’re sounding the mayday call loudly and clearly over here. Bunny people of the web, we need your help! Do you see this cute little fluff over here? She may look cuddly, sweet and innocent but do not be fooled- she’s actually a feisty, bossy, poop factory. A fireball masquerading as candyfloss!

Daisy and her adoring fan

We added this small ball of fur to our family a few months ago after her original owners were looking to re-home her when their kids lost interest in her. She needed a home, we had a home. What could possibly go wrong?! We had always spoken about getting a bunny and our brood have been nagging us for one for years so it seemed like a gift-wrapped opportunity! Free bunny inclusive of all rodent-related paraphernalia? Don’t mind if we do! But we made a rookie-error, we didn’t do our homework. Idiots. Every book and movie assured us that rabbits make excellent pets and so we expected a cuddly, snuggly, sociable little thing who dreamed of nothing better than dozing blissfully on our laps. Instead we got a madcap of an animal who is always on the go and hates being touched unless it’s on HER terms. (Think ‘cat’ and times that ‘on-my-terms’ attitude by a gazillion)

Don’t get me wrong, she is hands down the funniest, most entertaining animal we have ever owned, and because she established herself as ‘alpha pet’ in the blink of an eye she’s mostly a free-range bunny which we love. Her quirks are endless and she makes us feel all warm and fuzzy all day long, especially when she’s hopping about, head held high, with something twice the size of herself, tripping over it but stubbornly carrying on. She’s very comical.

Always up to no good!

But here’s the thing. This bunny poops. A lot. We have tried absolutely everything that Google has suggested because everybody assures us that bunnies can be litter trained, but Daisy produces more tiny ‘chocolate balls’ in an hour than Cadbury’s does in a decade! Within ten minutes of her being out our floors are literally strewn with the stuff, and she throws in a good dose of ‘wetness’ for good measure too. We have had to lift, clean and store all of our carpets and she is now starting to jump up onto the couches and beds and is trying to mark those too!

Surveying her Kingdom

I adore animals, I really do, and just because this isn’t quite the picture we had in mind giving her away is simply not an option. But we need to draw the line in a way that doesn’t inconvenience our family in our open-plan home. I’m not willing to spend the next 10 years (yes, that’s how long this bunny might still live for) stepping over barricades and dodging bunny poop. Does anybody have any fool-proof tips for us? Could this be because she’s already 2 years old and was never litter-box trained by her previous owners?

All advice welcome, my friend Google and all of its litter-box-bunny training has failed me!

In the meantime, thanks to everybody who has sent me recipes for rabbit stew…

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  1. Greg “rodentsareforthepot” Butt

    Try googling “rabbit stew”. I am pretty sure google would not fail you on that one.

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