My Sweet Calamity

Today, my darling, you really outdid yourself in your quest to give Mommy as many grey hairs and ‘fine lines’ as possible.

While playing sword fights with your sister you cut your hands on the edges of the sharp leaves (superhero plasters); out of concern you ‘helped’ a walking bee and got stung in return (antihistamine and Panado); you stepped off the couch into thin air and slammed your chin into the granite counter, biting both cheeks in the process (ice for chin, water for washing out blood, coke for the sugar); while we weren’t looking you made a ‘zip line’ from the wall to the trampoline out of yarn, snapped it mid-air and fell onto the paving below (bum rub, ego support); all of this following last night when you wildly swung a sparkler about and branded yourself on the cheek (burn shield, stern talk).

Playing in an overflowing gutter on the edge of a drop.

And at each bump in this very chaotic road, what was your first, instinctual port of call? Straight into Mommy’s waiting arms (snuggles, kisses, love).

Thank you for honoring me with your unwavering trust and for always seeking comfort in my arms, my precious child.

You are our greatest joy and our greatest challenge all wrapped into one small person-shaped parcel and we adore you, just as you are.

But my baby, PLEASE slow down, even if it’s just a little bit- Mommy can’t afford botox just yet and at this rate I’m going to be bald by Christmas!

P.S. I think it’s important to note that all of this went down in full view of an audience while we were hosting my parents and my granny for an early Christmas lunch. Naturally. Thanks for that, boy.

The Guy: making us look like incompetent parentals since 2016. 😂🤣

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