Poolside Blues

I have bumps, I have lumps,
I have lots of bits that jiggle.
My arms swish, my tum wobbles
And my bottom wiggles.

“I’ll always be a size 8!”
To myself I once swore.
But now there’s more of me to love
than there ever was before!

My confidence was high,
My self-esteem was great!
But then this week she told me
“You need to lose weight!”

“People who say that you don’t
Are just being polite.
Stop wearing cozzies, don’t wear shorts
Avoid things that are white.”

My initial response was a shrug
A firm, dismissive “Whatever!”
Until this weekend, on this floaty
In perfect pool weather.

There I was, blobbing about
Just having a bit of fun
When The Husdabind called out to me:
“Say cheese, hun!”

He snapped this cute pic
And showed it to me-
A happy moment filled with life,
A smiling Mom of three.

I didn’t see the fun tableau
I only saw my size.
The single thing that drew my eyes
Was the cellulite on my thighs.

Mortified, I got straight out
I ran inside to hide.
I started Googling apps to fix
The flaws that I had spied.

I cried to friends, I melted down
(all totally unlike me)
My insecurities bubbled up,
It took a while for me to see.

What else is in this picture?
A smiley, healthy chick.
She’s loved by family and her friends,
So what if her thighs are thick?

I snapped right out of that funk right then
My wallowing was done!
My confidence returned with force
Ros:1. Insecurities: NONE.

And now I’ll proudly share this pic
I mean, don’t you think it’s cool?
My body is my faithful friend,
And we WANTED to play in that pool!

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