She/ Her

“Girls should play dolls
And do as they’re told
Dressed up in frills made of pink.”
No, Darling, you see
Girls should be free
To play anything that they think.

There is value in ‘she’
There’s a brain and there’s heart.
Let’s see where her passions will lie.
If it’s dance that she’s after,
If that’s what brings laughter,
Then, Daring, I say “let her try!”

But if that’s not her thing,
If it’s football instead,
If she loves the outdoors and the dirt,
If her head thinks great thoughts
About goals, tries and sport,
Then why stuff her into a skirt?

Or perhaps she’s a blend of glitter and grime-
She wants to climb trees to find fae,
Dressed up in wings with leaves in her hair,
Well Darling, that’s also okay.

You see, this small thing, this girl of today
Will not stay this little for long.
One day she will fly with the lessons she’s learnt,
And out there she needs to be strong.

Our job is to see the human inside,
The one spinning hopes and dreams grand,
For the influence she wields,
All of her ideals,
Are forming now under our hand.

So, Darling, my daughter will know her worth well,
Just as she is, sweet and wild.
Because one day I know
That the seeds that we sow
Will make a woman of this child.

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