When Whirlwinds Meet Meditation

This morning I discovered this tiny rocking horse riding yogi in my kitchen. Yesterday he was finding his chi in the courtyard, perched atop a small wooden umbrella stand. The day before that the meditation was going down on the loo…

I have no idea why my child suddenly feels compelled to quietly squirrel himself away and lotus pose all over my home or where he even discovered it, but man oh man, it’s ridiculously cute and hugely entertaining. I’m totally on board!

I wish I could report that his newfound past time has helped him channel a deep well of inner calm and soothing contemplation, but alas! Once the “ommmmm” is done he springs back into hyper-animation mode and streaks off, invigorated and fully charged, ready for mischief and mayhem!

Guys, The Guy is A LOT. He’s loud and destructive and impulsive, but he is also endearing and sweet, an original thinker of note and somebody who challenges our parenting ideals on the daily. And just when his whirlwind reaches overwhelming proportions and I’m ready to admit defeat he whips out a gem like this and I realise that, although the challenges are real and trying, the essence of who he is remains our greatest treasure and needs to be protected at all costs! Stay ‘weird’, boy- long may the quirks continue!

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