The Interview

After getting up at Hadeda’s Squawk to wrangle the kids into school gear, feed faces and wash away the grub, I donned a respectable-looking artificial face to disguise the signs of somebody who had stayed up too late watching Harry Potter (hint: it was me).  Miraculously, all 5 of us were herded out the door and strapped in…wait for it… ahead of schedule!! I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Please hold your applause.

After a smoothish drop-off in which only one child forgot their mask behind and only one flat out panicked when they couldn’t unclip their seatbelt, the three grumblings were turfed out at school and The Husdabind and I headed off down the hill to our 8am appointment. Were we running on time for the first time in our lives and feeling slightly smug about it? Yes, yes we were!

Everything was going according to plan as we asked Raj (our preferred version of Siri) to help us find our way to what we hope will be The Guy’s new school. That’s right, kids – Mom and Dad were going for an interview!

Trying not to feel nervous about the fact that, with time of the essence and the school on the other side of the world, Raj chose to take us the longest way he could possibly find, including a lovely little venture through the middle of the busiest taxi rank (ie: no road rules apply) in Durban, we focused on the task at hand – finding the school and arriving on time! The headmistress would be waiting.

Now, I have a deep-seated sense of mistrust of imaginary people sitting inside little computers who try to tell me what to do and where to go. Naturally, I freaked out when, instead of going the mostlogical and direct route to the school, Raj seemed to be taking us on Tour-de-Durban! I gave Raj many stern pieces of my mind, smattering in a healthy amount of malicious threats under my breath for good measure. Woudln’t you have done the same?!

I have no idea how, but between the totally unconcerned Husdabind and his good buddy Raj we actually arrived a few minutes early! Imagine! With a renewed spring in our sanitized steps we followed all the spraying, temperature-taking and form filling protocol with time to spare, proudly presenting ourselves to the lovely lady at the door. Ta-Da!

With a barely concealed giggle, our hostess told us that we were actually a bit early. A Week early, to be exact.

The Husdabind and I slowly turned around and slumped back to the car looking about as dazed and confused as these Capetonian seagulls were when we denied them our Sausage McMuffins. We kept Raj switched off on the drive home.

Same time next week, yeah? Wish us luck…

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