The Brat

In my opinion, it was far too early to be alive. Despite dragging myself through the shower, I was still feeling my late night and my head was staging a thumping protest when I flew into Miss Moo with seconds to spare.

Then, a ray of hope…I smelt coffee! 🤩 I have wondered how to enjoy a cuppa while getting my nails done since the pop-up coffee shop appeared in the salon- you know the meme of the lady with equations overwhelming her mind? Yip, that’s me trying to figure this all out. If ever there was a time to find out, it was then!

Unfortunately I was quickly defeated and sat staring down at the cup that was mercilessly taunting me right under my nose. With one hand being beautified by Michelle and the other in the lamp I was stuck! First World Problems of note right here! 😂

Hand-painted nail art by Michelle at Miss Moo

And that is when the most beautiful teamwork I have ever witnessed unfolded before my eyes! My friend Connie, who was so conveniently there early for her appointment, stepped up to the plate and saved the day! Between Connie and Michelle a slick operation of nail painting, mask lowering, cup raising and coffee tilting got underway, all while carrying on with the conversation. All I had (ok, wanted because it was funny) to do was make a slurping sound and the coffee appeared!! MAGIC!

Look, my out-of-control-diva-self may never be allowed to order a coffee at Miss Moo again, but it was totally worth the experience. What a brat! Thanks for indulging me, ladies- that’s true friendship right there!

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