About Me

Photo Credit: The Schmoo, who delights in trolling her mother.

I know that the ‘bloggish rule book’ says that I’m supposed to add a professionally taken, bathed-in-ethereal-light, smiling-like-a-siren picture of me to this page, but you’ve lucked out! Sorry about that. I did try to find a photo that complies, honestly I did, but none of them resounded with me – it felt fraudulent. You see, I’m simply not a ‘picture perfect’ kind of gal, so instead you’re getting the above. THAT is me.

Now, about me. I was born in, and have returned to, South Africa, but was raised in Botswana with a healthy dose of to-and-fro in between for school. I am now the proud ‘owner’ of 1 lovely adventure-sharer (AKA “The Husdabind”) who has put up with me for the better part of 13 years, 1 highly amusing and entertaining teenaged daughter (AKA “The Schmoo”), and 1 terror task team, Level: Expert, comprised of a 4 year old girl (AKA “Lulu Pie) and a 2 year old boy (AKA “The Guy”). Together we survive, thrive, laugh, roll our eyes… and try to avoid The Dog, who can usually be found annoying The Cat, unless she thinks the prospect of a piece of cheese is on the horizon.